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Day 3

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Daily Recap: Day 3 Summary – 18 November 2020

Focus Session: Community sponsorship - What potential for scaling up resettlement in Europe?

In this Focus Session, our experts discuss the state of the current European projects of community sponsorship, their potential to be scaled up in the future and how they have been received by local populations.
Speakers: Ms Hana Jalloul Muro, Secretary of State for Migration, Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Spain; Mr Giulio di Blasi, European Director, Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative
Moderator: Ms Sarah Schlaeger, Head of Office in Jordan, ICMPD

Focus Session: Preventing a domino effect - Border management in external shocks

This Focus Session sees our speakers discuss the resilience of the Schengen area towards external shocks and the importance of border management to handle such events in the future and prevent a domino effect.
Speakers: Mr Patrik Engström, Head, National Border Policing Section, The Swedish Police Authority; Mr Marko Gašperlin, Assistant Director, Uniformed Police Directorate, Ministry of the Interior, Slovenia
Moderator: Mr Borut Er┼żen, Head, Border Management and Security Programme, ICMPD

Focus Session: Making labour mobility work for all - Perspectives from the Eastern Partnership

During this Focus Session, the speakers discuss the status quo and future outlook regarding labour mobility between the EU and the countries of Moldova and Azerbaijan. The session covers several themes such as the prevention of human capital flight and mutually beneficial migration schemes.
Speakers: H.E. Daniela Morari, Ambassador, Head of Mission, Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union; Mr Vusal Huseynov, Chief, State Migration Service, Azerbaijan
Moderator: Ms Violeta Wagner, Regional Portfolio Manager, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ICMPD

Senior Panel: Schengen and EU asylum - Strategies for progress

During this Senior Panel, speakers discuss the past, present and future of the Schengen acquis. A key topic of the debate is the idea of a Schengen reform and what benefits it might bring for both migrants and Member States.
Speakers: Mr Henrik Ankerstjerne, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Immigration and Integration, Denmark; Mr Ulrich Weinbrenner, Director General, Directorate-General of Migration, Refugees and Return Policy, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, Germany; Mr Markos Karavias, Head, Asylum Service, Ministry of Migration and Asylum, Hellenic Republic; Ms Nina Gregori, Executive Director, European Asylum Support Office
Moderator: Mr Ralph Genetzke, Director, Head of Mission Brussels, ICMPD

Focus Session: Accelerated asylum procedures - Feasible, desirable, reasonable?

The Focus Session covers the feasibility and possible ways of implementing accelerated asylum procedures such as rapid border screenings. Furthermore, our experts will dive into what current best practices in this field look like.
Speakers: Mr Marios Kaleas, Head, Asylum Office of Lesvos, Hellenic Republic; Mr Thomas Segessenmann, Deputy Head, Staff Office Asylum, State Secretariat for Migration, Switzerland
Moderator: Mr Martin Wagner, Senior Policy Advisor, Policy Unit, ICMPD